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Small Soda Company Needs Help! [07 Jan 2009|09:32pm]

Hey alllllll! [Mods, if this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete it, and I apologize in advance. ^^;]

I'm an intern for a small beverage company, High Voltage Beverage Company, who produces VOLT energy soda, and VOLT energy drinks. The company is in the process of reinventing their brand, and they want to involve the consumer in this process. :)

As an intern at High Voltage, I've created a fan page on Facebook where consumers can go, learn about the products, and get involved in the new image of VOLT.

That page is located at:


What you will find on there is information about the brand, official VOLT videos, promotional images, as well as interactive items such as fan submitted photos/videos, a survey on the new bottling options for VOLT energy soda, and if you become a "fan", you can email us with your address and we will send you a free product sample.


P.S. If you see this multiple times, I apologize, I'm X-Posting in a few places.
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Kill the Sheep [23 Jul 2008|06:30pm]

New energy drink. Only in Russia
Gimme some bawls.

[05 Aug 2005|09:33pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Hey guys. Welcome to our energy drink community =P For your first post here, you can post a picture of yourself with your favorite energy drink OR your bawls. Heh heh. Well, really just talk about anything involving energy drinks.

Bye, thanks for stopping by. Hahaha. o__o Just kidding,again.

Gimme some bawls.

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